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Seasonal Advertising and Trends for your Business

Updated: Sep 27

Here's what tends to happen or what businesses can focus on during this period:

1. Holiday Season Prep:

- October is the kickoff to the holiday shopping season with events like Halloween and leading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November. Brands should begin previewing their holiday campaigns and discounts.

- It's also a great time to ensure your website and shopping carts are optimized for the influx of holiday traffic.

2. Halloween-Themed Content:

- For regions that celebrate Halloween, creating themed content can engage users. This includes blog posts, social media campaigns, email newsletters, and even special promotions or discounts.

3. Re-evaluate PPC Strategies:

- As the holidays approach, competition for pay-per-click (PPC) ads often increases, leading to higher costs. Brands should review their PPC strategies, consider adjusting budgets, or optimizing for better value keywords.

4. Incorporate Seasonal SEO:

- People start to search for holiday gift ideas, Halloween costumes, recipes, and more. Updating SEO strategies to capture these seasonal searches can be beneficial.

5. Optimize Mobile Experience:

- With an ever-growing number of consumers shopping from mobile devices, ensure that your mobile site or app provides a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

6. Email Marketing:

- Begin segmenting your email list for targeted holiday campaigns. Offer sneak peeks of upcoming deals or create a sense of exclusivity for subscribers.

7. Interactive Content:

- Engage users with interactive content like polls about their holiday shopping habits, quizzes about Halloween, or other October-centric themes.

8. User-Generated Content:

- Encourage users to share their Halloween preparations or early holiday shopping experiences. This not only increases engagement but can also provide valuable feedback.

9. Revisit Retargeting Strategies:

- October shoppers often research and browse before making purchasing decisions in November and December. Enhance your retargeting campaigns to stay on top of consumers' minds.

10. Video Content:

- Videos often have a higher engagement rate. Consider creating themed videos for Halloween or tease upcoming holiday campaigns.

11. Collaborations and Partnerships:

- Collaborate with non-competitive businesses for October-themed giveaways, campaigns, or content.

12. Analytics and Reporting:

- As you head into the busiest quarter for many industries, ensure you have clear analytics and reporting tools in place to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust as needed.

13. Inventory and Stock:

- If you're in e-commerce, ensure your bestsellers and promoted items are in stock and ready for the upcoming shopping spree.

In conclusion, October is a pivotal month for digital marketers as it sets the tone for the upcoming holiday season. Brands should focus on strategic planning, creative content, and ensuring their digital platforms are optimized for the increased traffic and sales.

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