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A Marketing Passion in Atlanta

About the Creator of TORA


At the heart of the digital marketing sphere stands TORA Media Group, a testament to the vision and prowess of its founder, Tania Ochoa. Tania, a dynamic force in the industry, has a rich tapestry of achievements that embellish her journey. 


Notably, she boasts a Google Ads certification which further cements her position as a maestro in this domain. With over 10 yrs experience in Digital Marketing. A significant chapter of her illustrious journey was penned at Dentsu, where she meticulously managed paid search campaigns for giants like GM. Her impressive résumé also shines a light on her association with renowned digital agencies, including a notable stint at Cox Media Group.


Atlanta, the vibrant city, is not just where Tania resides but it's also the birthplace of her brainchild, TORA Media Group. The driving force behind this venture? A vision to facilitate businesses in harnessing the power of the digital realm. 


Tania's roots and commitment run deep, especially in the Latino community of Atlanta. She's not just an entrepreneur but a change-maker. As the founder of the 'Latinos Dream Scholarship,' she's paving a brighter future for young Latinos from her alma mater. Her aspirations for TORA Media Group are sky-high; she envisions it not just as a top-tier agency but as a beacon representing the Latino community in the marketing universe.


Proudly wearing her identity as a Latina, Tania celebrates her accomplishments, which include collaborating with some of the world's most esteemed digital advertising corporations. Through TORA Media Group, she's poised to script more success stories and dreams realized.



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