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How to Build a Functional Website for your Business

Updated: Feb 24

Your website design and content is key to your online marketing journey. while design is important to catch the eye of your potential clients, Keywords and content are the key factor to a successful website. Here are a few important factors to consider while building and designing your website.

Design - Your website should be designed to make it an easy and quick journey for your customers. For example make sure you are constantly directing customer where they need to go by using links, graphics, list and menus that stand out.

Keywords Do Keywords on your website will serve to let your clients know what services you offer. Another purpose for keywords is for google to read and index your website. This will allow google to serve your website to clients seeking your services. Remember, Google wants everyone to have the best user experience. Make sure to implement keywords in your website description. Include keywords such as most important and highlighted services including locations you service. Remember keep customer engaged with quality content. Offer a promotional sales or coupons to retain your clients. Implement important keywords on headlines and page titles.

Call to action

What do you want customers to do on your website? Do you want them to call you? submit a form quote request? Subscribe or register? Invite your visitors to action by Making it visible and easy.

It is crutial to have your phone number large and visible for clients to easiy call from their mobile. Make sure that you use your links to guide website visitors to your contact form or action you would like them to take.

Make a good first impression! Make your potential client feel welcome! Leave policies, deposits, not keeping your appointment etc and strict guidelines for later. These type of company policies can always be discussed later in the process. Do not let your business give this negative first impression.

Finally be unique and creative. Showcase who you are with pictures, videos and more.

I find that a client can be more comfortable with a small paragraph about you and your story. Personal professional pictures is also a great way to let customers know who you are.

Launch your website even if you feel like you still need to add more content. You can always edit as you go but Launch is important.

Please read our next edition on SEO and how to advertise your business.

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